Monday, June 29, 2009

mots et expressions...

translation: words and expressions

i have found someone to aid me in the french language. it is thrilling and scary at the same time. i pulled out one of my french books and this was in the first chapter (minus the necessary accents over many of the mots):

mots et expressions:
l'accouchement- (m.) (child)birth, delivery
chomer- to be unemployed; (here) to be idle
le controleur aerien/la controleuse acrienne- air traffic controller
craindre- to fear
l'ecran- screen
enceinte- pregnant
l'equipe- (f) team
etre de garde- to be on call
la grossesse- pregnancy
s'occuper (de)- to take care (of)
la sage-femme- midwife
le vol- flight

for reasons, some of which i have no direct answer for, most of these words are quite fitting for this moment in my life. as for all of the pregnant speak, that has nothing to do with me, except that i have 3 lovely friends who are pregnant and will have babies within the next month and a half. i have a feeling that "la grossesse" is one of those words where the french hit the nail on the head. then again, of this i cannot be certain.

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