Saturday, June 13, 2009

the key to life...

dear baby stanton~

this is a key

to what?

i don't know

it's the key to imagination
a key to the future
a key that opens the door of wisdom

it can be used to open a gate
and explore with a curious mind
or to lock shut a door
where the monsters hide

it might work in india
or maybe in spain
who knows
it just may turn the ignition on a plane

it may be the key to your future home
or the key to a shelter on one of the many roads that you'll roam

it might be the key to the greatest thing you'll ever discover
but be ready
for it may show you something from which you will barely recover

perhaps it's the key to discovering the cure for cancer
or getting the world leaders to find a peaceful answer

it might be the key to a happy life
it might be the key to the door of your future wife

whatever it is that this key beholds
it is yours
and yours alone

with love~
~auntie j

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