Saturday, June 6, 2009

the great donut patch...

this is me paying homage to the donut.
the cake donut.
the one with the chocolate frosting.
you know who you are.
you lasted long enough for me to get a reasonably decent shot of you.
and then you were mine.
all mine.

and this is me celebrating the day that i finally made it down to mel-o-glaze bakery in *s. mpls! i've been wanting to do this for three or four years. and it's not laziness that has kept me from it, because i do wander down there from time to time, mostly to visit the old man and play some dominoes. it's actually more along the lines of self control. i've even driven past it a few times, on my way to other places of course, and not one time did i stop! but, when i woke up at 7:15 on my saturday morning off and it was raining, it just seemed like the thing to do was to go down to mel-0-glaze and try it on for size. it fits well on the first visit, but i'm just sayin that after a few, it might be a different story.

from the outside, the place looks adorable. this has previously been noted. the inside? it could use a little decorative touch. i for one would happily donate some artwork to a charitable cause such as a bakery, especially one so notorious, but i'm not sure what their plans are for the joint. perhaps that's just the way it is? does anyone know? at any rate, it really is almost more thoughtful of them to spend their time carefully tending to each and every circular piece of heaven than to pay attention to such minor details as decor. i mean, when you're jonezin for a cake, ambience only accounts for a certain small percentage. and if i was in charge of the facility? i'm not sure that i could stop handling them long enough to focus on anything else either. maybe that's why the outside looks good. they get far enough away from them to actually focus. i know. this sounds dirty.

but, i also must say that at some point yesterday, i happened to notice that some clever character coined the day "national donut day". i don't know who gets credit, but they have won my heart. i'm not sure why i didn't already have a similar day picked out?! a national wine day was created by some friends of mine while we were in france. perhaps a holiday should be built around everything sacred to a person's heart?!(insert background cheer noises) even though very few things are on the same pedestal as donuts and wine. not together though. and not necessarily in that order. my donut intake should never reach the height of my wine intake. that would just be absurd. (if you know claire, picture her adding a sound effect here.)

so, by now you've gathered that i have a passionate love for these little monsters of goodness, which leads me to the great donut patch. it was constructed by my urban family. (i'm not sure who gets the credit. i will give it to you if you remember, because i'm almost certain it wasn't me.) we gather for brunch quite frequently and every now and again we cook it at one of our houses rather than sticking to dining out and stimulating the economy like the socially responsible adults that we are.

one morning i brought a box of donuts.

does anyone else slow down when they use the word donut? and then when you think of so many of them together, does your heart sorta skip a beat? ~a~box~of~donuts~ sort of like that. i almost have to stop after i say the word sometimes because it literally makes me that happy. i'm not kidding.

anyway, i brought the box and i think my exuberant state of being got us all into discussing their exquisiteness and decision that the world would be a much better place if donut patches existed. you know, like the u-pick strawberry patches. i would finally know my life calling. i would be a donut farmer. i would grow them and harvest them and give them so much love they wouldn't even know what hit them! if they came directly from the earth, wouldn't that be incredible?

if you're starting to grow weary, i'm almost finished.

i just have to say that the thought of the great donut patch has entered my mind more times more than once since that day. and in turning it into the only reality that i know how, i did a little sketch. it's a quick 5 minute triptych, exploring the possibility of them growing in trees and mimicking that of fruit as well. it's not exactly the best introduction of my art that i could have made in this space, but then again, my first blog on here wasn't even closely related to my art. so, here it is. if any of you feel inspired to make a donut patch of your own, i'd really love to see it sometime.

*s. mpls. if you ever find yourself there, do not call me for directions. i will weave you in and out of so many wrong turns you won't even know what to do with yourself. i generally know where i'm going if you use the word generally loosely. it's embarrassing really. or atleast i should be embarrassed about it. my brain is in a thousand different places at once sometimes, well most of the time, so picking just one route and sticking to it is not my strongest characteristic. good thing i have patient friends. or atleast one who is willing to laugh with me the whole way there and the whole way back : )

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