Wednesday, June 24, 2009

coffee, dark chocolate and red wine... would think with such a gorgeous title that only good things would follow.


these are the things i was told to avoid.

some of my very favorite things.

what else is there in life, i ask?
(with a tearful eye* and a dramatic sigh)

. . .

i guess that's when i need to refer back to the photos from the weekend:

the celebration of a dear friend's birthday by sending his chinese lantern into the sky

{happy birthday today, dear friend!}

the almost rainforest-like quality of the hike up to maiden rock

the singing and the games until 5 a.m.

and to add to all of this, the celebration of my mum,
one of the coolest people ever.
we celebrated her day of birth with bruschetta and fresh berry pie, and more games of course.

there was coffee and booze on the side, but the with these photos, you'd never have known. maybe i won't miss them as much as think? who am i kidding. i can't completely cut them out. that's just silly. everything in moderation, right?

and really, when it comes right down to it, i realize that there are far worse fates than this.

far worse.

i am grateful for what i have and despite what my head tells me on my hard days, i live quite an enchanted life.