Thursday, June 11, 2009

looking out at The Rooftop

Pictured above :: The Rooftop

This little birdie, along with the trees, clouds and rooftop, found their way home just yesterday. The new owners had already cleared a spot for it. They even hung it up while the messenger gal was still there. It looks lovely in its new home.

So, here is my first post about an actual finished art piece of mine. Something I hope to share more of in this space.

I'm actually looking out at this rooftop right now, or rather I was when I started this blog earlier this eve.

I stare at it every time I sit down to write at this computer, or make a quick sketch at this table.

Of course, now there are beautiful, luscious green leaves getting in the way and the trees look nothing like they way they did in March and April, when everything was so beautifully bare and this piece was created. I guess I owe more gratitude to March and April than I ever thought I would...

***Please excuse the photo and the cropping for their imperfections

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