Wednesday, June 17, 2009

half way point:

So far, I've gotten to see some lovely things today...

Everything from rusty drain covers, to a behind the scene glimpse at Robert Rauschenberg's upcoming show at the Weisman, to a plant WITH the blood of a man running through the course of it's veins!!!!!!!!!! So happy to finally see it! Well, the petunia looks like any other petunia really. But just to reiterate, it does have human DNA in it, and furthermore it has to be destroyed at the end of the exhibit. Those two things make it all the more punk rock, and you just can't say that about many petunias.

I also got to have a studio visit and lunch with a wonderful friend. He always has some great work brewing and when he doesn't have work up on exhibit, I'm always happy to be able to catch up on the latest and greatest in his studio (tiny little stolen sneak peak in the top photo above his awesome red chair with a gnarly scar.)

And I have to say that even the view of my car being put back down after it was 3/4 of the way on the tow truck was quite lovely. I didn't really need that $20 that I used to pay off the kind tow truck driver man anyway.

Yes, quite a lovely day so far...

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