Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pairs of red chairs::

love both of these rooms::

the top is in the casket arts building, with the green light glowing through the doorway. the bottom is a scene that has been silently waiting to become a painting for well over a year now, taken in a previous home. when i stood alone in both of these rooms they felt warm and eery all at once. the top photo was snapped a couple of weeks ago and it's funny how it already seems old, but when i think back to the days shot solely in film, two weeks would still be on a newly processed roll. i wasn't even thinking of the photo below it, which was taken sometime last year. a synapse in my brain finally connected the two as i was gazing at the green light oozing from the doorway.

i wonder how many other red chaired duos are out there just waiting to be captured? perhaps they too are sitting in mysterious looking venues, listening to a girl click by on her high heels as she's snapping a photo, or watching a girl quickly run down to change her laundry and back up again to where it is truly safe.

who really knows what's lurking around the corner?

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