Wednesday, July 8, 2009

on the moon...

so, last night was the full moon. and there are two things involved with that full moon occurrence.

one. i got inspired to do another quick cartoon-like sketch from a conversation with n&c:

what does this sketch have to do with the full moon? nothing except that the images that get conjured up from conversations with these two lovelies are downright mad. and nothing says crazy like a full moon!

two. i learned today that in french the word for eyeglasses means "little moons"! my french teacher worked really hard on explaining that to me. much credit to him.

little moons! i love it. i'm not sure why it tickles me so pink, but it just does.

i will be in my honeymoon period with french for atleast the next few weeks, or perhaps the rest of my life since it has always been so.

little moons/lunettes: inspiring a children's story in my head as well. i really should be held accountable.

alas, my loose correlations with the full moon...

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