Tuesday, July 14, 2009

old man ears

In the photos they do not look like old man ears. But trust me, in real life they do. They are dangling on a tree outside of the lovely Mill City Cafe that a friend and I went to for brunch this past weekend. Immediately we both thought "ears"!

From what I can untangle, it may be the "Kentucky coffeetree". Not sure. But it's another new tree to love and tree-loving is something I do best!

To be fair, because I am nothing if not diplomatic, old ladies too can have large, droopy ears. Ears never stop growing, which is sort of unfortunate for some of us. I think I may be in the running for such a case. But I will try hard not to fight it like my beautiful Grams did. It is considered a thing of great beauty for some cultures to have long ears. The bodhisattva is a prime example. I will try to focus on that when the time draws nearer.

Whether large ears are beautiful to you or not is not really the point. The point is that there are so many little new wonders in nature that I find all of the time. I have gone to this restaurant a handful of times. In fact, I live near to its location. I have never noticed that particular characteristic.

I for one will never stop examining and exploring this great big world, including my own backyard, using all of my senses. And if I have large ears? The better to listen with, right clever fox?

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