Thursday, March 18, 2010

these colors:::

it's really hard to see the marvelous colors on this bridge, but they are completely scrumptious. i do throw adjectives around like they're nothing sometimes, but this time, i mean nothin' but business. if you know me and color, you know i'm serious. i could sit under this bridge and stare up at it for nearly a whole afternoon. maybe a warm morning too. just a blanket and a few snacks and i'd be perfect. a sketch pad and my camera too, to capture everything that it moves in me. these colors remind me of a cross between this piece and works by larry rivers, one of my favoritists. oh man oh man oh man.

Monday, March 15, 2010

a foggy night downtown

loved the foggy days last week, though i missed the sun immensely. i'm grateful that sunday was golden. it was an interesting weekend, full of interesting things. a picture of downtown on a foggy eve seems to sum it all up best. i did take lots of photos, some of which are much "sunnier", for an art project coming round the bend. i will be posting some of those soon...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

crisp white wine : crisp white canvas

Right now, this canvas has mountains on it.
And a tent.
And that is the big idea for this piece right now,
only there are lots of layers that will happen in between what you see,
to what I see,
to what it will eventually become.
But I like this part a lot too.
Looking at the white canvas and mapping out it's first layer.
The whole process gives me a feeling I can't describe, but would eventually like to,
even without the white wine.
Especially without the white wine.
And this canvas, if you could have only felt it before I added it's first layers on!
It was like running your fingertips over a little bit of, well, fantastically primed linen canvas, to be exact.
And if you don't know how insanely good that feels, I suggest a little trip to your local art store.
It just may inspire you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

hang in there

winter walk

people iceskating
channeling the olympics
holding hands
a man painting
people running
walking dogs
cross country skiing
remnants of snow angels
benches with snow to the seat
boots trudging to get there

two men passing by
famous looking
the guy with expensive sweats and a leather jacket
looks like walking around a lake for enjoyment
is not something he enjoys
but he lets the breeze billow into his open jacket
if nothing else he gets moments pleasure from this

the sun shining
vitamin d swirling
endorphins swimming

if nothing else, we're all getting moments of pleasure from this.