Wednesday, September 23, 2009


the summer days are waning.

this ferocious little beast didn't get to see the light very much, but soon back into hibernation he'll go. first, we had to bring him out at least once more to see if he could try and scare anyone again. it worked didn't it?! you're afraid. grrr...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

guacamole is not the new black...

do me a favor will you?

when my shirt is unbuttoned, let me know that my shirt is unbuttoned
and when i have guacamole in my hair, let me know that i have guacamole in my hair

i'm leaving in 15 days. i will get there in 16. and then i'll be back in 29.

it'll be a blink. but one of those extra long blinks where you point your head up to the sky, feel the warmth on your skin, take a deep breath and feel as free as a bird...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

coffee or tea...

So, you'd think the simple thing to do is to replace the coffee once you've run out of it. It seems only logical. Except for the fact that it runs out before you've had your first cup of the day. You are not thinking clearly. You are only thinking of how good that first sip of coffee is going to taste.

I ran out of coffee yesterday morning and so I am drinking tea this morning instead. After I poured the last of the coffee into the filter and peeled off the label from the coffee can, I thought, "Yes! Now I have a new water container for my paintbrushes!" I completely forgot that a trip to the store should have been on my priority list. That actually may explain a little bit about my lack of success so far in life.

What's sort of funny is that it is my favorite tea that I'm drinking. Right. Poor me. I have to drink my favorite tea. I mean I really do love tea. But, tea is more of an afternoon or evening treat, for me. It doesn't have quite the same *POW* that coffee has for the mornings. Fellow coffee enthusiasts will agree. So, as I was frantically trying to decide how to get coffee into my system this morning: walk to Mill City or the Matchbox (both short term solutions) or Sentyrz (more of a long term solution) I realized I should just buck up and use what I have, which is actually one of the points of this post.

For many reasons and some extremely necessary, I have really been trying to do that with many of my meals lately, use what I have first before going to buy anything else. This is something that is also very logical and true to my roots, but not easy and not always accomplished. Sometimes that means using very few fresh ingredients, which is not bad in the dead of winter, but specifically in the end of summer/beginning of autumn is just not as cool. I would also say that less than half of the ingredients are local, which is also not something that I'm proud of, but it is probably my true food ratio right now in life. And bottom line is that I'm greatful that I have food to cook with.

I do have grains, honey and things for baking left in the cupboard and eggs and butter in the fridge, but that's about it. I will be using some of those with the fresh produce that I will retrieve on a trek to the farmer's market this morning. So, this post really wasn't all about coffee and tea, but you get the point. Use what you have first, even if it isn't your first choice. Chances are that you have to somewhat like what you already have if you bought it in the first place. One of my friends father's like to say, "You can have anything you want, just not everything you want." It's a great philosophy that I've been trying to heed since I heard it. Don't limit your options, just try to choose them wisely.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

traveling justification #26:

Good foreign relations.

I don't know how well I will be able to communicate in French, even though I am trying, or the unknown Swiss German, however, one thing is certain. I will proudly be representing America well while I am there. Because of this man, I am now proud to call myself an American while traveling abroad.

I am "fired up" after getting to see and hear Obama today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left at 10:45, biked down to 1st Ave, parked my bike in front of Cafe Brenda and decided I'd just see how far I'd get. I was swooped right in, went through security and then stopped in a line for 1/2 hour to an hour. My seat was not phenomenal, but this experience was. I am so greatful for this!

And so today was born another justification for my trip! My good 'ol Midwestern guilt is forcing me come up with a vast list of reasons why this trip is not only important, but absolutely vital to my existence. I will come back stronger, wiser and more certain of my convictions. I will be a better informed citizen of the United States and more importantly, the world. How can that be bad? ; )

Sunday, September 6, 2009

:before : after:

My heart is swollen and I'm overjoyed with anticipation of my trip. I thought I'd share some of the pieces that I'm working on from that particular well of inspiration:


Saturday, September 5, 2009


this is the fair
this fair is gluttony, but in a good-once-a-year sense of the word
there ya have it
another random thought/connection

Friday, September 4, 2009

morning :

i woke at 2
and rose at 5

this was one of the spectacular views i got to behold

the light and the fog were brilliant this morning

warm layers of honey spread out all over the land

Thursday, September 3, 2009

35 Days!

35 days until I step foot onto European soil!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hello autumn:::

My beloved autumn is here.

Or, mere moments away at least.

I'm starting to admit that I'm happy about it. I've been stifling my eager anticipation of this alluring season, because it felt like I was cheating on summer. That and the fact that we all know what rears its ugly head after autumn. Yes, that beast is right around the corner as well.

The truth is, I adore this season.

As if the title of my blog isn't obvious enough ; )

It's the most nostalgic season. It creeps into my bones, consumes me and gives me warmth even when the cool wind starts to blow. Or, in the case of this summer, continues to blow.

So, make yourself at home, dear autumn. You are here to stay for a short while. Decorate with the exquisite touch that only you are capable of creating. I'll embrace your company, set a spot for you at the dinner table and savor every moment that I have with you.