Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today, I am grateful for art.

I am grateful for the the artist Stanislaw Zagajewski to be more specific.

On my last full day in Lausanne, Switzerland I visited L'Art Brut. It took me on quite a journey. If Lausanne doesn't take your breath away (which is half of a joke because of the 90 degree hills) then this museum will.

I stood before Zagajewski's sculpture of masked faces and heard people singing in all different tones.

I kid you not.

I was in awe, enthralled and all of the other words that a thesaurus can throw at you in that arena.

Each face sings a different note and as you look from person to person you hear the note that he or she is singing, along with all of the notes sung by the surrounding souls. It will captivate you too, to be sure.

I am still convinced that it is necessary for two people in this world to make it there at some point in their lives. BDP and Yuri, you must, if you haven't already.

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