Thursday, November 12, 2009

...and now back to our regularly scheduled program...

there ya have it. that's my 9 to 5 view. i'll take it.

and just in case you do not think that that grass on the other side is greener, here is just a small list of things that i wanted to do instead of being at work today:
(format style adapted from the lovely Heather)

read: the magic of provence

eat: ice cream with Heather at the best ice cream shop in Cannes

watch: frida

call: katie to tell her about my funny story on my drive into work

create: jAm sacs with Mel

go: drive and drive and drive...and dream and dream and dream...

make: jessie's birthday dessert:::

:: happy birthday, mizz jessica! thank you for your friendship, your boldness, your creativity, your strength, your humor and your zest for life! who needs a map?! ; ) ::

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