Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hello autumn:::

My beloved autumn is here.

Or, mere moments away at least.

I'm starting to admit that I'm happy about it. I've been stifling my eager anticipation of this alluring season, because it felt like I was cheating on summer. That and the fact that we all know what rears its ugly head after autumn. Yes, that beast is right around the corner as well.

The truth is, I adore this season.

As if the title of my blog isn't obvious enough ; )

It's the most nostalgic season. It creeps into my bones, consumes me and gives me warmth even when the cool wind starts to blow. Or, in the case of this summer, continues to blow.

So, make yourself at home, dear autumn. You are here to stay for a short while. Decorate with the exquisite touch that only you are capable of creating. I'll embrace your company, set a spot for you at the dinner table and savor every moment that I have with you.


  1. I hope that I contributed to you feeling guilty about cheating summer. And you're going to Europe, you sneak? That's awesome!