Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wind-Up Keys & Golden Wings

All at once, the Golden Wings appeared ~ 
~ and the bird soared to unbelievable heights!!

Ever wish you had a wind-up key on your back, and maybe even a set of golden wings to go along with it too?

Instead of the real deal, I went for the next best thing. I created a visual reminder of how beautiful it feels after I do the wind-up so that I can begin the wind-up! 

A visual aid of what it looks like to soar to unbelievable heights. 
I think we all have them, these sets of beautiful golden wings with wind-up keys attached. We just sometimes forget that they exist, or that the power to wind them up exists within us.

Personally, I have to wind mine up every single day. Some days it can take all day, and other days I have to ask for help. I usually have to dig into my imagination to find the places I can go with the wings.  And, there are days when I have to remind myself that they still really exist.  

So, in the chance that you need a good reminder too, here it is: 

The wings really are there, ready and waiting for us to show up and use them.

Are you a visual person like me? Do you like to keep visual aids around to remind you of things that are important to you? I would love to hear about them or see them so, feel free to leave a comment. Or better yet, we could collaborate on making new ones!

Let's wind-up those wings and soar to unbelievable heights!

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