Saturday, June 26, 2010

observing bits of the world

Last week, I was standing in line at the check-out of a grocery store and I noticed that the woman in front of me was scanning the magazine rack.
I saw her focus on one,
literally put her hands on her hips,
and proceed to move them slowly and ever-so-slightly up and down.
Then quickly, she snatched up what she was looking at and threw it on the conveyor belt of groceries. I couldn't see which magazine she had picked, but I knew that somewhere on its cover it read "how to lose 50 lbs in just 3 days!".
I made a special point to note the angle she was looking, and when I got close enough to see, my suspicions were confirmed. It was something about a quick fix to a skinny body.
I had a painful moment as I stood there waiting my turn.
I was sad for all of us who feel we are not what we should be because so many places that we go, that's what they're telling us.

I didn't like seeing that.

So, then I saw this (unrelated and yet related on a completely different level):

Tonight, I met up with a wonderful friend for dinner and as I was walking through the cozy neighborhood back to my car, I noticed a yard that only had a few random sections of lawn mowed, not even a particularly large lawn mind you.
Curious, I looked through the rest of the yard for visible clues as to what was more important that finishing the one task before moving to the next.
Again, I got my answer. In this yard was also a table, set with some dishes and two glasses of wine.
How much lovelier does it get?
Whoever was mowing stopped when s/he realized that that was obviously less important than sitting down to dine with the one s/he loved. Where were they now that they had their wine poured and their table set? Well, I know what I'm hoping, but I'll let you finish the story the way you see fit.

And so, that is what I am choosing to see.

What are you choosing to see these days?

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