Thursday, March 11, 2010

crisp white wine : crisp white canvas

Right now, this canvas has mountains on it.
And a tent.
And that is the big idea for this piece right now,
only there are lots of layers that will happen in between what you see,
to what I see,
to what it will eventually become.
But I like this part a lot too.
Looking at the white canvas and mapping out it's first layer.
The whole process gives me a feeling I can't describe, but would eventually like to,
even without the white wine.
Especially without the white wine.
And this canvas, if you could have only felt it before I added it's first layers on!
It was like running your fingertips over a little bit of, well, fantastically primed linen canvas, to be exact.
And if you don't know how insanely good that feels, I suggest a little trip to your local art store.
It just may inspire you.

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