Saturday, January 23, 2010

nice to meet you. again.

dear adulthood,

allow me to introduce myself...again. you and i have crossed paths with one another on and off throughout the years, casually mingling with one another when circumstances have called for it.

the truth is that we've known each other as far as i can remember. we grew up together. you and i were nearly inseparable. somehow we parted ways. you may not recognize me now, and some details about you are quite fuzzy for me at times too, but down to my core i know you.

i just want to thank you for your equally renewed interest in getting to know one another, a better match now than back then. our date today was quite lovely. your creative daytime adventures have proven that they can be just as colorful as your counterpart's evening masquerades.

i realize it will take us awhile before we are dear friends again, and we never will most likely never be the best of friends, but i like this getting to each other little by little sort of thing we've got going on right now. it works for me.

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