Monday, December 14, 2009

tree love

i was driving out of a ramp late this morning when i happened upon this scene.
for me, it was zen moment.
perhaps it doesn't do quite the same for you.
and maybe you had to be there.

i do wish i could have had a few more moments there. an hour would have been perfect.
to sit by my little piece of inspiration and enjoy life.
unfortunately, that time doesn't fit into the succinct rhythm that my day is structured around right now.
it really should be though.

and then i also realized that when the cars started whirring past me it wouldn't be quite as sublime. i wouldn't continue to have it all to myself if i stayed.

is my tree love silly?
forcing me to stop in parking ramps and open my eyes really wide with excitement

we all have to have our little quirks.
so, here is one of mine.
it started on my *first trip to france and has been here ever since.
tree love.